Friday, August 22, 2008

Tree of Life

I simple fell in love with this tree. After surfing online and eying it for several months, I finally ordered it. I couldn't wait to get it up. It only took a few minutes and was more fun than decorating a Christmas tree. Just love what it has added to P's room! You can either make one really big tree or two smaller trees from the package. Plus, its completely removable and reusable.

And, about the photo below. Thomas thought it would be fun to wear a funny shirt ... thus the "Obama is my homeboy" shirt. The good news is that most everyone who knew him also knew they were seeing his humorous side. The downside ... we met a lot of new people that day.

And finally a photo of me. Our friend's little boy (who is just 4 years old) took this photo. And tons more. And actually, there were some really great shots. Next we have to teach him how to focus by pressing the button half way down.

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