Monday, September 14, 2009

E-tegrity and Infertility

It's so seldom now that I write a post related to infertility. And though I have two wonderful children and I am happier beyond measure ... it doesn't change the fact that my body has a horrible disease. A disease that continues to grow in my body, and a disease that appears to be preventing me from having children.

For four months I have had a box with a testing kit in it. I was suppose to take this box to the doctor's office specifically to test if I am missing a uterine protein, a glue-like substance that helps an embryo stick around. After four months it has made its way from the bathroom closet to my car. And there it still sits. Am I stalling?

You may wonder how I have had one fresh IVF cycle, one frozen transfer and not been tested for this. To say it is a controversial test in an understatement. From what I can tell most doctor's don't think it is worth the time or effort. Of course, from what I can tell, most doctors think that fertility treatments should be treated as a statistical game - if you try enough, its bound to work at some point. Call me crazy, but I really would rather find out the reason and treat it, than blindly take chances and continue to roll the dice.

Anyway, the point being is that this test is 1) controversial, 2) expensive, and 3) may lead to zero useful information. In general terms, this test is a uterine biopsy - for detailed description of the test visit this website.

I have been stalling, no doubt. If I decide to do this, it will easily cost $700 out of pocket. But I continually go back to the same two pieces of information: 1) the number one fertility clinic uses this test, and 2) if the test detects a problem the treatment is easy and only 3 months long!

So once again I am telling myself, get the darn test to the doctor and get on with it. How bad could it be?


Anonymous said...

Can't be too bad, we already have two kids. What could happen, we might have a couple more?! T

Ivy said...

I have a couple questions to ask you about your struggles with IF...if you are willing to talk about it. I am a local Tallahassee girl:) Here's my email: I'm having a procudure done here in town this week and I would love some reassurance!

Katherine said...

I don't blame you for putting off your biopsy. I had one (to check for LPD before we discovered all our other IF problems) and my experience was a lot like the account on the blog you linked to. (So my comment is really not going to help with your decision.) Only differences, my sample was crapy (didn't prove or disprove LPD) and my horrible cramps lasted a week. The only result I got out of it was that I don't have endometrial cancer - good to know, but I didn't expect that I did.

If you thing the test is going to be worthless, don't put yourself through it.
But if you are really interested in the answer and think it would help, then it would be worth it. My advice for getting through it, ask for a stronger painkiller and have someone with you who could drive you home after. Also, please remember, the majority of women who have this test do _not_ have as difficult a time with it.

Good luck with your decision.

Another comment, your children are absolutely adorable!

Lynn said...

Ouch! What's the likelihood of this test providing useful information? Would probably be worth doing before trying IVF again if it would provide even just a little bit of useful information.