Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Love the Pattern

The past few days I've been dying to do some sewing. And I finally pulled out a pattern for an infant dress I've been meaning to sew all summer.

Last Christmas, when we were allowed to take some things from my grandmother's house, I found this pattern in her basement. This was actually a pattern that was purchased the year I was born ... and one that she used for me!

It was such a pleasant experience to think of her while I made this simple shirt for Petra.

The pattern was super simple. I changed just a couple things. It called for eyelet or ric-rac across the bottom and I had neither - so instead I put a pretty ribbon across the bottom. Also, the directions didn't call for topstitching which I thought was strange. And finally, I had to add pearl snaps since I don't have buttons in the house.

I'm overall super happy with how it turned out. It fits her perfectly. And I love that its black. Its so hard to find children's clothing in black.


Leigh Ann said...

My mom made Kacy some outfits with the same pattern. i will have to find a picture or two for you to see

Gregg & Jenn said...

Sherri!!! You did such a fabulous job on that outfit. It's adorable and suits Petra well. Your going to have to teach me how to sew that one my talented friend! Love, Jenn

Lynn said...

Love the shirt. Too cute! as are the kids. Miss you!! Lynn