Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My little helpers

It's been a crazy week. Busy beyond belief. Tons to do. Thomas is taking his prelims. I'm typing on a brand new, wonderful computer because our old one decided to stop working (everything is literally a click away now, instead of a click plus 20 minutes). I'm speaking on Thursday at a community meeting on adoption. Our children need constant attention ... but all is good.

As a parent, my job is to train and instruct our children. To teach them. So of course, whenever they do anything new, I'm ecstatic. I've done more than hint on this blog before that I am looking forward to the day my children are older and can do more ... I'm looking forward to having little helpers ... but even the little things they do now are fascinating and wonderful.

This week we seem extra blessed with new things.

Jasper started bringing his hands together to pray before a meal. He also started clapping, and stomping to "if your happy and you know it." And he has started to attempt to use silverware...sometimes.

Petra started gymnastics two weeks ago. It was amazing to watch her change after just one class; and now that she has had two she seems to love it even more. Suddenly everything is viewed a little differently. She pretends the bottom of the hobby horse rocker is a balance beam, anything she can swing on is now a high bar, etc. It is so adorable to watch her squeal with enthusiasm when she swings on the rings or bars in class. And she is super strong and doing great.

We also started teaching her a little french about a month ago. And she has started to say a few of the words now independently.

Humorously, she also keeps trying to put her brother in time out. If he starts crying for no good reason, she will point at him and say "No, sir. Time out!" It's so funny and we joke that she says "yes, mam" and "no sir," but can't seem to interchange the terms.

The past week or two has also been busy with lots of activities.

Petra made some nice bracelets by stringing beads on a pipe cleaner. I was really surprised at how well she was able to do this.

We all enjoyed some watermelon.

And the children also love eating okra from our garden. Jasper loves it raw and screams if I take it away. I finally took a bite myself and decided it tastes the same raw as it does cooked. (once again I got to the garden too late and these are too large and tough)

And we also had a few play dates at the house that were a ton of fun. Its very seldom we see Petra as happy as she is below playing with our friend's son. (Notice Petra's new shirt I made)

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