Friday, September 25, 2009

Jasper's Growing Up

Soon to be a toddler, Jasper is surprising us all the time.

Yesterday, I casually noticed Petra trotting around me in the kitchen with her toothbrush. I don't like for her to carry her toothbrush around because it always ends up on the floor. But I was preparing dinner and since she was happily entertaining herself I decided not to worry about it.

Jasper must have thought this was a grand idea as well because a few minutes later I saw him coming down the steps carrying his toothbrush. I went over and asked him, what have you got, and he took it excitingly out of his mouth and held it up for me to see. Now, you may be thinking that was quite smart of him to respond to me in that way. But what was even more amazing is that he knew where to find his toothbrush, that he went upstairs to the bathroom to get it, that he stood up on the stool and that he picked up his toothbrush off the sink, and managed to get back down to the living room with it. Now that was what surprised me ... and you could just tell he was happy with himself.

Another quite funny quirk about Jasper is the way he holds a bottle. This is his official bottle pose. The right hand holds the end of the bottle, the left hand goes to the head. I laughed so hard yesterday morning watching our wonderful nanny strike the pose ... right before he did. It was so cute. I tried to get her in the picture as well, but she wouldn't allow it.

Jasper has finally started talking some more. For the past three days he has called me ma-ma-ma. At dinner, he was leaning over saying mamamama, and I asked him what he wanted and he said bababa. So, I would say this is a definite improvement from where he was even last week.

And he's off! No longer toddling around like Frankenstein or a zombie. Our little boy is on the move and he's quick. We went to the lake this afternoon and he is so difficult to keep up with. It reminded me of my friend Jenn's little boy. Jasper was all over the place, he wanted to crawl over the rocks and barriers - even if there was a 3 ft drop on the other side - and he was determined that he was going to wade out in the water. And he completely ignores the words "stop, come back or turn around." It was exhausting to keep up with him. Petra on the other hand wouldn't go within 10 feet of the water, she stayed close by the entire time - I tried to get her to get closer to the water for a photo -- she SCREAMED like a mad woman.

And I added this picture below to show you a photo of Petra impersonating an airplane.

And here are some pics of Petra from today.

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