Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Testing ...

Ok, just a real short brag on my husband.

We found out this morning Thomas passed the first section of his prelims unanimously!!!

For those of you who have spoken with me over the last week you know that we had quite a surprise about 10 days ago when Thomas got a call from school telling him to come pick up his prelim test. He was expecting it in January.

Last weekend he was tested on American Government. He was asked to respond to 4 questions over a weekend and basically provide as much information as he could on the theories and research associated with those questions. I spent the entire weekend watching the children solo, while he typed away. By Monday morning, he had about 45 pages to turn in.

This weekend was a repeat, except the topic was Public Policy and he was given 3 questions rather than 4. And he was also limited to no more than 10 pages on each question.

If he passes both sections of his prelims he will be able to move on to his dissertation stage. If he fails, he must take the test again. If someone fails twice they are booted from the program.
To pass the test, he must receive 4 passes from a total of 6 reviewers.

So the news we received this morning was that all 6 reviewers passed him unanimously on the American Government test, and we are just thrilled …and hoping for similar results on the second test next week.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Tom! I'm hoping you will get the same kind of results on your second section. I would wish you luck, but I know it isn't luck at all, it's the result of the last several years of very hard work, and you should be proud!
Thanks Sherri, for sharing this.
Love ya,

Lynn said...

Congratulations Thomas. I knew you could it!