Sunday, October 19, 2008

11 month update- UPDATED!

Everything about Petra these days screams "I'm growing and learning." We feel confident that she will be ready for kindergarten before long. =)

I'd love to write a long list of everything she is doing ... but quite frankly I don't think I can remember it all. Petra is so much fun. She is a happy, happy child that loves to laugh, squeal, and smile. She waves hello and says "HIye" to anyone she sees, even if they are 30 yards away going the other direction. Whenever she gets excited it shows through her whole body, she kicks her legs, bounces on her butt, dances with her shoulders, and squeals. Every where we go we hear "what a happy, beutiful little girl." We laughed for quite a while the other day when we caught her talking to herself in the mirror in the car ... hand motions and all.

She has started to mimic us a lot more, but she is also learning more. On a regular basis she says turtle, bottle (sounds like dodtle), dog, daddy, bye bye, hi, hello, yellow, and others I am sure I am forgetting. She does not say mommy, but still calls me nana. As far as animal sounds go she can say "woof", "(m)eow," bok bok (chicken), hoo (owl), roar, and mooo. Petra, can you say moo?

She still isn't walking, only a few steps here and there ... and usually days apart.

She has two cool new tricks ... she growls a lot ... a whole lot. We think she picked this up from the dogs. And she has started to throw the tennis ball (over handed) for the dogs to chase. Its a sweet little game of fetch.

Physically, you will probably notice her hair is thicker and longer. Today she is fighting off a cough, what I am worried may be croup. But despite the random coughing she feels wonderful so all is well. She just started crying, which is very odd. The cough seems to bother her most at night. Thomas is checking on her now.

Everyone who usually asks us how she is doing, asks one of two questions:

1) How is she sleeping? Petra has always been a great sleeper. We usually put her down around 7pm and she wakes up around 7am. She also naps some each day.

2) How is she eating? Well, she loves the food I make for her. I'll have to post more about her food in a post by itself. But she is doing well eating lots of different foods and veggies especially. She can chow down on food I put on her highchair tray for her.

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