Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Trip to NASA

I've been out a few days and it was not easy to be away from Petra. I missed seeing her for about a day and a half as I went to tour NASA and the air force facilities at Merritt Island. While the trip was great, I missed the family. Here are a few photos of the cool part of the trip. The shuttle you see here is Atlantis. I actually got to see all three shuttles. Two were on the launch pads, and one was being fixed. I was able to see this one closeup and walk underneath it as it was basically horizontally jacked in the air.

Petra is doing great. This past weekend she started singing (or trying to sing) "row, row, row" as in Row your boat. Its very cute. She likes to say it really loud.

I'll post an 11 month old update on her in a few days with new photos.

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