Saturday, October 11, 2008

Family in training

This summer kicked our butts. Let me explain.

Back in June I gave Thomas a combined birthday and father's day present--3 months with the best fitness trainers in town at Titus Sports Academy. Before writing the check I cleared it with him to be sure this is what he wanted. He could have chosen something different, but I think he decided that "he" is the best investment.

I was a slightly worried about it at the time. He was definitely not in shape. I couldn't remember the last time he did any cardio or lifted weights. The trainers tested him when he started to get a baseline measurement ... indeed it proved that he was out of shape. Just last week he was tested again. Guess what, he gained 4 lbs and managed to gain body fat. Not sure how that happened, I think the body fat measurement may actually be human error because he does look leaner. But nearly every other measurement improved. Tonight was an awards academy....

And he WON most improved! And to top it off he won a gift certificate for a new suit valued at $600! (And this is where I should probably mention that Thomas handed Petra a slice of pizza tonight and she chowed down and nearly finished it)

OK. So maybe the summer didn't kick his butt, he might have had the upper leg. But it did kick mine.

Our scale needs new batteries. And I just never got around to putting them in. Then about 3 weeks ago I tried to put on a dress that always fits. And it didn't. Uh, oh. Turns out I gained 20 lbs since May. And I'm nearly clueless as to how it happened which is the sad part and I didn't notice until it was a lot of weight, which is also scary.

Thomas has been trying to get me to exercise more. So, I joined the FSU gym. It was a great deal - $180 for the year, minus a $150 reimbursement from my health insurance=$30. The only problem is campus parking. So my workout time is usually first thing in the morning - 6:15 am when they open. But they have a pool so now I am swimming twice a week.

So our mornings our now all about fitness training. Thomas works out Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. And I get Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings. I just have to find something to do on Saturday because the gym doesn' t open until 11am. And the local city pool doesn't open until 10 am. So I'm still looking.

I hope by Christmas the extra 20 lbs are gone. And Thomas just decided to give in to his 4 lbs of extra weight and work on gaining more ... muscle.

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