Monday, October 6, 2008

Pucker Up

Give me a kiss.
Actually, I'm quite sure she is saying "no" in the photo above. (But it looks like a kiss. So we will pretend. =)

It was a big day. Petra is definitely in the middle of a learning and growing phase. The last time this happened was 8 months, she had a long list of new things for the month.

It seems we've hit and are in the middle of another learning stage. I can't wait to see what comes next! But first, let me tell you what is happening.

Today she took her first steps! Actually 4 steps in a row. YEAH! And we missed them because they happened at day care. Of course she has an audience there as well so I'm sure she got a bucket full of praise. You can only imagine how worried I was that it might be days before she tried again. But it wasn't. She was more than willing to please us both with try after try when we got home. And we had a blast! Looking back I have no idea why it was today that she suddenly felt comfortable enough to try on her own. We were trying to coax her all weekend to let go, and she never did ... until today. So my number one priority tonight was to get a video for everyone showing her walking. And so here you go, and here is an extra clip also of us trying to record this for the blog world.

But, she is up to much more than just walking. She is also talking and interacting more. Pretend you are trying to get a baby to walk to you, and you motion for them to come to you with your hands. Well, she does that too. Or this weekend she was scared of our friend's big black dog and when asked if she wanted to pet her she said "No." And she has said both "turtle" and "lego" in the last 24 hours. And sometimes she tries to bark and makes a funny little noise if you ask her what a dog says. And her 2nd tooth is about to come in on the bottom. I honestly could probably go on and on.

Tonight she was tired after all the fun. And we sat and read books together for close to an hour. She actually sat still for them tonight and let me finish three in a row.

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