Wednesday, October 29, 2008

She's a genius!

Petra displayed her superior intellectual knowledge yesterday evening. I knew she was smart, but I was quite impressed. As I have posted before, she is definitely talking more. When you ask her if she wants to eat she usually says yeah. This morning when I asked if she wanted a banana she said "YEAAHH!" And she has said no for quite some time.

But last night was a real accomplishment. I asked her:
What does a lion say? She roared.
What does a cow say? She mooed.
What does a kitty cat say? She meowed.
What does a dog say? She woofed.
What does a chicken say? Well, she doesn't know this one, but I wanted to see her response. She quizzically looked at me. So I obliged and clucked.
What does a owl say? She hooed.

It was perfect.

Now, the real sad part is that Thomas wasn't here to see it. So, we have tried to get her to repeat this sequence, but she has been too interested in other things and it is difficult to hold her attention on this ... especially with the camera in front of her. She would rather point, hold, and press buttons on the camera than have it pointing in her direction. She has never been a performer. But people around town seem to get a kick out of the fact she can wave, say hi, and blow kisses.

But here is a short video today that I got of her. She was much more interested in other things, but you can definitely get the idea.

She is also walking more ... up to 10 steps at a time. They are moving her up to the 1 year old class tomorrow at day care. I think most parents would be worried about her getting run over. Honestly, we are looking forward to it because we do not believe she is being mentally challenged in the baby room. So tomorrow, is a big day. I bet she will nap well.

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