Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter 2009

I'm a bad mother. This year there was no Easter egg hunts, no Easter baskets ... I'm a pretty pathetic mom. I just didn't see much of a point. Both of the children are way too young to notice anything, and I didn't really want to encourage candy eating. So, instead they got new clothes, and I bought Petra a stuffed bunny. Only problem, she was scared of the bunny. So now its a dog toy.

Last year Easter was pretty miserable. Luckily this year wasn't a repeat. The day was absolutely gorgeous! I realized though that this is the toughest holiday that I have here in Florida. I expect to be with family on this very special day, and that doesn't happen anymore. So Easter has become a dreaded holiday at the moment. I think next year will be better, Petra will be old enough next year to enjoy egg dying and egg hunting.

I did get some photos of the children. Enjoy!

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