Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How low can you go?

My hope is that in a few months, we will be spending less than $275 a month on groceries, including diapers and wipes. I think that will be a true challenge. So the question is, how low can I get my bill each week.

I'm behind posting, so I'm probably going to post a series tonight, if I can stay up late enough to accomplish this.

Shopping tonight at Publix was outstanding! I spent a total of $53, and $20 of that was on 2 packages of starbucks coffee and a bottle of wine. The remaining $33 was for the following food:

Natures own bread
2 boxes pasta
2 bottles of apple juice (Juicy Juice)
2 bottles of other juice - grape and apple mixed (Motts)
Soy Milk
Almond Milk
Large Coffemate creamer
Bag of fresh spinach
2 boxes of scalloped potatoes
1 whole chicken
2 boxes quaker oatmeal granola bars
2 packages of wraps (tomatoe and garlic pesto)
knox gelatin
Fiberplus granola bars
3 stoneyfield yogurts
1 stoneyfield smoothie
2 packages yoplait kids yogurt (total of 12 little yogurts)
2 cans of Pam spray
dozen large eggs
2 Kraft BBQ sauce
2 Kens Sauces
2L Diet Dr. Pepper
Revlon nail clippers
2 packages of jello pudding cups (12 cups of pudding premade)

Grand total saved tonight = $67.78

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