Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sew New

I got an amazing gift from my husband for Christmas - a new incredible, absolutely amazing sewing machine put on lay away. The box I opened on Christmas morning had details for two different Viking Husquavarna sewing machines to choose between. I've been wanting a Viking for years. Over the holidays, I studied the brochures on each machine, read reviews online, and looked at every little special feature for each one.

This past Saturday, he paid it off for me. And I got to bring it home!! I am thrilled.

I am the proud new owner of a Viking Topaz 30 - that sews and embroiders.

Overall, it was crazy expensive. The most expensive item I've ever owned, well other than my engagement ring. But he got a great deal and a lot of free items to boot. Here is a list of everything it came with.

Topaz 30 machine
Embroidery unit
Fab-U-Motion stitch regulator (for quilting, valued at $1300)
74 embroidery designs
27 bonus embroidery designs
lots of feet and lots bobbins
embroidery thread and stabilizer
stabilizer starter kit
3 embroidery hoops
spangle yarn kit
couching foot
embellish with yarn package
venetian embroidery package
martha stewart embroidery trial package
INPSRIRA needle guide
and I bought the three main quilting feet seperately

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