Saturday, October 17, 2009

Another Wonderful Saturday

I'm not even too sure where to start. I'm trying out opening sentences in my head, and they all sound way to sappy to type.

I love spending the day with my family. And even better is when we have a day planned with others.

It was a cold 46 degrees this morning when we headed out to our regular $2.55 Saturday morning breakfast. This was already a great start because 1) it has finally cooled down, and 2) because we have missed several Sat. morning breakfasts in the last month due to Thomas' tests.

After breakfast, we had gymnastics, a pumpkin festival in Havana, and Kacy's football game to attend (to see her cheer and to pick up some photos of the children). And it stayed cold - in the high 50s most of the day with the wind blowing 10-15 mph.

And I want to mention that Petra is performing beyond my expectations with the potty training. We just started this week. On Tuesday night I bought a large pack of panties, and she started wearing only big girl panties on Wednesday (except when she is sleeping). Wednesday morning she had 2 accidents. But that was really the last of it. Over the last three days she has only had 1 accident and she told me, just not soon enough. And that includes wearing panties everywhere we have been (which took a big leap of faith on my part-I was especially worried about causing a big puddle on the mats in gymnastics). So she has been out to eat, the park, the football game, SAMS, the pumpkin festival, gymnastics, etc. all wearing panties with no problems.

Last night, we went back out to take some photos of the children. Well, our dear friend Leigh Ann took the photos. So there are lots here for your enjoyment. More information on the photos to come.

Have a mentioned that Petra loves to be a wheelbarrow . Here she is having a blast (with big girl panties =). And Jasper loves to demonstrate "arms up." And also below is a picture of "Leigh Leigh" with Petra - they are watching Kacy cheer which is always loads of fun.

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