Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall Festival 2009

One of my absolutely favorite annual events is our church's fall festival. Hosted by a family in our church in Thomasville, GA, we get to spend the afternoon on their family farm talking with friends, petting the donkeys, and the children get the opportunity to bounce on the inflatable play gyms.

This was the first year the children were interested in these activities. And while they didn't jump all day, they did have a lot of fun just wandering around.

After keeping them both close to us during the camping trip, we didn't feel too bad about letting them wander some around our church family. The biggest problem was keeping Jasper away from the grill and away from the basketball goal. They generally didn't get in any trouble, or cause any disturbances, they just simply wanted to look around.

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Gregg and Jenn said...

I really wish we had a Fall Festival at our church but we never have anything like that! Bummer! Raymond would love it. We're going to try and take him to a local event instead. They look so darling and don't seem to be afraid of the animals.