Saturday, October 3, 2009


Petra started gymnastics one month ago. We now go every Saturday morning at 11 am and we really look forward to it.

It's a mommy and me class so I get to go as well. I would have added photos earlier, but because Thomas was testing, he wasn't able to come take photos of us in class. (In fact, for the last two weeks I had Jasper strapped to my back during the class.)

I was slightly worried that I wouldn't be able to keep up, but alas, my only job is really to encourage Petra and keep her behavior in check. And I was right, I don't seem to be keeping up. In fact, keeping her behavior in check is quite a challenge. She likes to be the teacher's pet. What this means is she wants the teachers attention, rather than mine. So, what happens is all the other little children are happily following their mothers while my child insists on getting as close to the coach as possible and not following my directions at all.

In general, she has her good moments in class, and her not so good. But so do all the children. We will be working on her behavior over the next few weeks.

Her skills are great. She is doing fantastic. Each week Petra is quite happy when I tell her it is time for gymnastics and she loves her new leotard.

It has been outstanding for her, and each week we see improvements in what she is able to do in class. And also, at the park she has become more adventuresome (see the post below), climbing up ladders and other things.

The class has a range of children, usually from about 18 months to 2.5 years. I really like the class. It starts in a toddler area where everything is a perfect size for toddlers. Then, we go into the larger area and run and stretch on the floor mats. Then its off to the big balance beams, trampolines, ropes, bars and rings. I love that part of every class is in the big gym. Petra loves watching the older children practice.

This week she improved quite dramatically on the bar; I wasn't expecting it. Four weeks ago she was the only child in her class that could hold onto the bar and bring their feet up a substantial amount. (now, granted, her class has only about 8 children) But this week, she brought her toes all the way up to the bar and kept them their by herself--so that both her hands and toes were on the bar at the same time. I was so proud.

Today, while walking across the balance beams Petra had watched a girl flip and jump on the trampoline. The result was a very jumpy little girl in the balance beam.

And Jasper really likes to watch and I think he wants to participate. They allow children at 12 months to participate. But he is not ready. There is no way he is balanced enough to start yet.

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