Saturday, October 10, 2009

A day in Jacksonville, FL

We had a great time today ... at the zoo and with friends. It was crazy hot outside for October, but we all still had a great time at the zoo. The children both enjoyed seeing all the animals. Petra particularly liked the Bonobo monkeys and the giraffes.

After the zoo we headed to spend some time with friends. It was a very relaxing afternoon hanging out with old friends.

Thomas and I started talking on the way home, and once we started to talk about it, we were really shocked at how well the children did all day. They missed their naps and they were absolutely fantastic. It was really enjoyable and pleasant day. There was absolutely no fussing or crying for the 6 hours we were in the car. They never fought, pulled or pushed anyone. There was barely any screaming or crying. And to top it off Petra asked to go potty 3 times. It was a fantastic family day trip.

Jasper's dream came true...a mound of dirt larger than him.

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