Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jellystone Park

Taking what I would consider a risk, we ventured out on a camping trip as a family. The last camping trip Thomas and I took was to hike part of the Appalachian Trail in 2007. This was before children and was hard and hot. I learned my lesson and this wasn't anything similar. I certainly didn't think that would work with two young children. Instead, we spent a weekend at Jellystone Campgrounds in Madison, Florida (about 45 minutes away) and spent the nights in a cabin (with beds!).

All weekend we couldn't decide if this was something we would want to do again soon. It had its perks and the not so perks. It was a ton of work - I had to pack everything in the house. It is going to be a lot of unpacking and cleaning which I have to look forward to tomorrow. It was nearly impossible to keep up with two children at all times - there was definitely no rest for us including at night when they slept with us. It was impossible to keep Jasper out of the lake. We had no running water or bathrooms in the cabin. It was impossible to keep Jasper clean. It was expensive - $65 a night for a tiny cabin with no bathroom.

But we roasted marshmallows for the first time with the children. And we fished for the first time with the children - and Thomas even caught two small fish. And we were able to sit around a campfire and spend time with each other. And we got to snuggle up with our children every night. And there was a playground for the children that had swings. Or as Petra said "swing! fun! swing! fun! ..." And there was trick-and-treating (which I didn't do - the children are still too young, but they helped pass out candy). And there was a cornbox (instead of a sandbox) which Petra thought was great. And we went on a train ride with Yogi Bear. And there were fireworks.

It was a great, crazy, busy, expensive and fun camping trip. Look for a Jellystone Park near you.

I promise this is a different fish - the second he caught before breakfast.

And this afternoon, we also went to our church's fall festival ... so more photos to come. We are all exhausted.

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