Saturday, October 17, 2009

Gap Casting Call 2009

We've been told for over a year now that we need to enter Petra into the next Gap contest. And again, at the prodding of someone else we went ahead and put her in the contest. This is why we have drug our friend Leigh outside twice in the last week for photos...her camera is SO much better than mine.

To view Petra's photos, and the other zillion adorable children entered - click here.
And then search entries for "sajoyner1"

The pictures are judged on the following criteria: 34% appearance of child, 33% personality of child shown in photo, and 33% quality of photo.

After the search you should see 3 pictures of her, and one of Jasper as well. It didn't quite seem fair to enter her and not him. (all the pictures entered in the contest are posted here)

1 comment:

Lynn said...

They should win. They are the cutest kids on there and that is an honest opion. I'm not prejudiced in the least. :) I logged in and voted, so they have one extra vote going for them