Thursday, September 6, 2007

Another Day

Today, was another day in this whole process. In effort to remain calm, relaxed, etc., I attended a yoga class last night. It was a nice 1.5 hours long and was actually very relaxing. I wasn't to sure what to think of it while I was there, but when I left I noticed how much more restful and relaxed I felt. Next week I will probably try to make it to another one ... and I may go buy a DVD to do at home until then. I did wake up just a tad sore this morning, but it wasn't bad.
We head out in the morning about 5:45 - it shouldn't be a big deal. We have to turn in a notarized form to say they have the ability to defrost our little ones. The husband's signature is required to be notarized .... however, Thomas forgot to do it. So we will probably be running around Jacksonville tomorrow to find a notary so we can take it over to the doctor's office before we leave town. Hopefully it won't be too hectic.

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Anonymous said...

Best of luck to both of you! We'll be thinking about you. MOM