Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Here's the Plan

Tonight was the start of a big tomorrow. Here is the plan.

Tomorrow morning around 8am we leave for Jacksonville, Florida. We have lunch, then go to see the acupuncturist at 12 noon. Sometime in the morning we will get a phone call about a time for our transfer. We will go to the transfer. If we can make it to the 3:30 acupuncture appointment then we will do that. Then it is over to the hotel for 2 days. We are staying at the Radison because they have sleep number beds.

Tonight we have packing, I had yoga, and Thomas took the Mercy and Forge over to our friend's kennel.

I have saved quite a bit of meditative and classical music to my ipod, so my hope is that the doctors will let me listen to it during the transfer and in the recovery room. I'm guessing that during the transfer will not be possible since I will be in a "sterile" room. And Thomas got me a great early birthday present - a bose soundsystem for my ipod with a traveling case. So it will be going with us, so that my ears don't start aching from having earphones in all day.

I have to go pack now. The only thing I am worried about forgetting is my medicine.

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