Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Two Good Things

Two good things happened today.

First, I got two appointments scheduled for Thursday. I had called an acupuncture lady in Jacksonville yesterday (down the street from the hospital) and was hoping she would be able to see me on Thursday. The data shows that you need treatment immediately before and after the transfer. If you can manage that, success rates nearly double. She called back today and HAD AVAILABLE TIMES FOR ME TO SEE HER TWICE ON THURSDAY! So I have an appointment at noon and at 3:30. Now, I really have no idea what time my transfer will be, but she said it is usually around 1 or 2. So here's to hoping. She can't see me later than 3:30 because she heads home to take care of her children. She has loads of personal experience with women going through treatment at this center - and she said she usually see success. She has a pretty high opinion of the center. However, she also said they aren't great at tailoring to specific needs. (I think that is what I find so frustrating)

Second, our foster counselor got moving finally. For about the third week now we have been waiting for our home study/fostering information to be typed up. That's all. It just had to be typed. I was promised we would have it Friday 2 weeks ago ... as of yesterday I hadn't heard anything. So I called and told her that we would be out of town later this week if she was hoping to get it to us soon ... and was told by our counselor that she hasn't done it but would have it completed on Friday of this week. She made up lots of excuses, or reasons as she called them -- these included "I had other home studies, I had an all-day conference." And I held my tongue and didn't say anything nasty because I couldn't figure out what good it would do. Then I called her boss and left a message simply stating to please call me. He hasn't called back , but Today, our counselor called back and said that she would have it to us tomorrow. SO THAT is really good news also. I was so tired of her dragging her butt. So we will hopefully receive it, sign it, and return it before we leave town.

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