Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Day 10 - Some info on the odds

I attended my second acupuncture appointment today -- if you missed the entry on that earlier you should know that is shown to result in increased success and also fewer miscarriages. I loved my first appointment, and today was no different. The lady I have been going to was first a massage therapist - so I think that just adds to the pleasure. So, with my attempts to increase success, today seems like the perfect day to talk about the "odds" for success.

In the last blog entry I mentioned just briefly that the odds were not in our favor. Obviously, it does work sometime or the doctor's wouldn't bother. Back in February, our fertility doc gave us about a 50% chance for one of our two FETs to work. (We should have two FETS with two embryos each - assuming they all survive the defrost)
The best information anyone can get on "success rates" is from the federal Dept. of Health and Human Services - they record success rates for all centers in the nation. In 2005, our center performed 143 frozen (nondonor) embryo transfers, resulting in 32% of these having a child born. I looked at several other center's stats and to tell you the truth - these are pretty good odds. Most of the clinics have done less than 50 frozen transfers a year, some less than 10 - and many have lower success rates. So overall, I'm pretty happy with the numbers we have going for us.

Our clinic also has a slightly higher success rate (about 37%) for women one age group above me - the 35-37 age group. I'm not sure why this is ... but I'm wondering if it might have to do with an increase in the use of assisted hatching. Assisted hatching is when the embryologist uses either chemicals or a sharp needle, or both, to either put a hole in the shell of the embryo or thin out the shell. This basically is shown to increase the chances of the embryo attaching if the embryo is not of the highest quality --- which means its often performed on older women. It costs extra - but often times means the difference of success or not success. (I didn't want to say failure)

I will be asking the doctor about assisted hatching when we go in on Friday. Probably along with a million other questions he will not want to answer. Until Friday, its just work and school for the both of us.

The hormones I'm on aren't really bothering me very much. I'm more crampy than normal, pretty much all the time. And sometimes I have difficulty eating - almost like I'm too full to eat - but I'm not full. But it comes and goes ... and actually much improved after my appointment today.

That's it. I will try to post one more time before Friday.

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