Monday, September 10, 2007

Another day

Today has been pretty good. I've been trying to stay relaxed, and I would say its working. I'm generally very happy today and in good spirits. I have two days at work until the next "big day" and I have so much to do that it should go by quickly. I think the wait between Thursday and the pregnancy test will be much worse ... but maybe the good mood will stick around through the end of it.

Today, I also called another IVF clinic, with the intention of finding out if frozen embryos could be transported to another clinic. AND THEY CAN BE! So, when we do this again, it will probably be after I find a clinic that I like a little better. I thought about going ahead and canceling this cycle and waiting another month or two ... and then I remembered I already shelled out the nonrefundable $2K. So, that won't be happening.

The home life is a little slower, I have spent many hours quilting and sewing. My sewing machine needs to be serviced. I think I will probably try to take it to the store on Wednesday ...

The shots I have been getting haven't been all that great. They aren't really well liked by those who have to go through these treatments. Thomas was determined that the needle was not the right one the first day - he thought it was way too long. Unfortunately, he wasn't right ... I get to have a 1.5 inch needle shoved in the top of my hip/butt every morning. The POI (progesterone in oil) is so viscous that it takes several minutes just to fill the syringe up with the oil. But my dear hubby has done a fantastic job, the nurse actually gave me a worse bruise than he has.

And the estrogen patches have left little sticky marks all over my belly. Every other day, when I get to change them, I scrub and scrub, but they just don't come off. Anyone have any ideas???, the only thing I was able to think of was to rub my belly with Goo be Gone, but that just doesn't sound healthy.

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