Friday, March 27, 2009

Messy girl

I've heard a few comments from family about the lack of photos online lately ... so despite the fact that Petra was filthy after eating dinner and homemade chocolate oatmeal chip cookies (made by my dear husband), I decided to take out the camera for a few photos. Tonight was pretty great. I came home to flowers, dinner, wine, dessert and a movie - all prepared by my man.To top it off he had done several home repairs throughout the day! It just doesn't get any better. =)

And here are a few videos for your enjoyment.

Now, on to other matters - we found our missing socks. Have you ever wondered where all those socks go that you loose in the laundry. Well, I knew that they seemed to disappear. Our frontload washing machine (that is less than a year old) stopped working, and Thomas went to fix it and found these in the drain pipe!

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Gregg & Jenn said...

What a smart little girl you have there! And so adorable! She's a fast little learner. Really cute videos!