Friday, March 13, 2009

Sherri on the TV promoting adoption

Because I know she won't want to talk about it herself, here's Sherri from this morning on the morning news. I think she did a great job. Most people seemed surprised, but I don't think they know she has a background in TV. It's been a while, but it's clear she's still got it! grrrh.

I'm so proud of her and where she gets the energy to do everything she does is anybody's guess. I can't wait until I get back to working full time so she can start working full time at making a difference in the world. Look at everything she gets done just part time! Amazing.


Oh, and more on the tv front, here's the news spot talking about the calendar Petra is going to be in. You have to watch the whole thing to see her picture because it's the last one they show. But the other babies are cute too.


Anonymous said...

Sherri, you did do a great job this morning! My mom (Bonnie Glover - I met you at her retirement party) sent me your site yesterday to look at your savings advice, and then I saw you on TV this morning. Thought that was such a neat coincidence. What a wonderful job you're doing! Also, what beautiful babies you're raising! I know you have to be proud. Thanks for sharing your site. ~Cara

Anonymous said...

Oh, and what a sweet hubby you have! Tom, this post was just awesome! Thanks again. ~Cara

Tom and Sherri said...

Thanks Cara. I'm glad you found the blog at least a little interesting. And yes, I do have a sweet hubby.

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