Friday, March 6, 2009

No pictures please!

Hello. We are all great. The legislative session has started - week 1 is done - thankfully. I can't wait for it to be over. But it is nice to be busy, the days go so much faster.
The children are fantastic. Jasper is still scratching his head like a maniac. I can't seem to get his nails short enough because he is so spastic about it. We switched his formula to Nutrimigen AA. It is $54 a small can - so basically every 2.5 days we go through a can. It is absurd! WIC is going to cover 9 cans a month for us, but they had to order it and I'm waiting. The doctor's office is trying to get insurance to cover the rest. In the meantime, we spent about $200 just in the last week on baby formula.
So saving money on other things is necessary right now. I was thrilled this week that I bought 40 cans of green giant veggies at just 34 cents each. But this pales in comparison to this girl's shopping trip to Walgreens. She spent $7 and saved $187; and brought home $13 in reward bucks ... so she basically made $6. Check it out on her blog, there is a picture of what she bought and the receipt.

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