Wednesday, January 31, 2007

After Failed IVF

I'm not sure how to start this post. I have preferred not to talk about our failed IVF attempt over the last few days. It is very upsetting to think about - and not so upsetting if I just don't think about it. Unfortunately, after something like this it's too easy to think about what may have caused it to go wrong. I find it hard to believe it will work with a frozen embryo transfer when it didn't work on the fresh cycle. Our odds were much better with the fresh transfer. But I know it has worked before and I have decided not to ponder on it - as it won't make a difference anyway.

I had a very supportive weekend. I spent time in NC with my dearest friends, and while I was there for a baby shower, it was very comforting to spend some time relaxing with my friends and with my husband.

Thomas and I still need to schedule our post IVF interview with the doctor. They are going to let us do this by phone instead of driving the 6-hour round trip.

We have discussed briefly when we may decide to do the Frozen Embryo Transfer - and I believe we will be waiting until the fall. My work schedule with the Florida Legislature means that I am busy Jan-May and not so much the rest of the year. And we have to plan accordingly. I guess that means I have plenty of time to attempt to lose 20 lbs. Oh boy. How exciting.

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Steve, Amy and Carter said...

We enjoyed getting to spend some time with you this past weekend although it never seems to be enough. We want to let you both know, as if you didn't know already, we love you guys. Even though we may be hours away, we are always here for you - day or night - just pick up the phone.

We are excited about the road you are on and the possibilities that lie ahead.

With much love and prayers.