Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Day 24

I had tonight's post all planned out. I was going to discuss the phases of control (i.e., losing it) that a person dealing with infertility goes through. However, my emotional state remained questionable today and I decided I don't really feel up to it. So instead, I checked out a few definitions this evening to see which term fits my current emotional state: stressed, insane, powerless, concern ... hyperventilation. And none of them fit really well; I decided I'm too complex to fit myself into one term. So I will briefly state that I will continue on and I will try to convince myself each hour of the day that it really isn't that much longer before I hear the news.

On a more positive note, Thomas and I finally heard back and we are moving forward on purchasing a house! I am hoping that it will keep me busy. But honestly the real estate agent is so good I don't have much to do ... well, except for simplifying what we own, donate, and pack. So, we are under contract, and things may still fall through - but we expect all will be fine. What makes the move so great is we will be closer to school and work - it will be approximately 2.5 miles to FSU campus, 3.25 miles to the capitol, and 5.5 miles for Josh to get to work.

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