Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Day 18 - Embryo Transfer

Hey guys, T here.

Today was the big day. First things first, two blastocysts were implanted and our next planned event is next Friday for the first pregnancy test.

Additional information:

There was no pain. Just a strong urge to pee for about an hour and a half. Ever since Sherri has been on her back, as directed.

12 embryos are still developing as of today. Two had reached the blastocyst stage and those were implanted. The remaining ten are in various forms of development, several of which are expected to continue developing into a blastocyst. Sherri asked what grade the two implanted were and she was told that once the embryos make it to the blast stage they are considered excellent, so no more grades.

According to the doctors if the embryos don't continue to develop, or fail to reach the blastocyst stage by day seven, then they aren't going to. By that point it will have been several days since the last division.

They told us they expect five of the remaining embryos to reach the blast stage, which would mean seven of the original 22 made it all the way. As always, it could be more, or it could be less. We will find out Friday how many have continued and how many have stopped developing. At that point we will freeze the embryo's for future use.

We are supposed to call on Friday for a report on the remaining embryos.

In the meantime, the shots will continue and at some point (Saturday?) we are supposed to double the progesterone dosage. I'm not looking forward to pumping that much liquid into my wifes backside. It's going to leave a knot.

Anyway, we still aren't out of the clear, and that's what the shots are for. I think we still have two weeks of shots, then other methods of delivery which I'm not going to discuss. That will continue until I think the first ultrasound, which will be fun.

Next Friday will tell us if the pregnancy took and the embryos implanted. But we won't know how many until the ultrasound which will be in mid February. So, like I said, nothing to do between now and then but wait.

If Sherri doesn't have something interesting to tell you in the next couple days I'll post pictures of the needle and dosage, just for fun.


Kristen said...

One of the best tricks to avoid scar tissue in your hynie is to get a massage roller (like the ones from Bath & Body Works) and rub/roll the area each day. It will hurt a little but help a lot to avoid the big bump.

Tom and Sherri said...

Great! Thanks for the tip!