Monday, January 1, 2007

Day One

Well, actually day two. Actually it started more than two years ago...

But, I'll start two days ago at Pilot Mountain, NC and Sherri was in a mountain of pain. You're supposed to call the day you start because day two becomes day one and the counting game begins.

"Call us when you start and we'll get you in," is what they said. So, we called. And when the nurse said, "it's 7am tomorrow or you have to wait," Of course we said we'd be there, even if we were 3 states away.

And so we drove to Brunswick, GA, stole 5 hours of sleep in a less than special hotel, and drove into Jacksonville, FL Sunday morning Dec 31. - Day One.

"Bring your drugs," they tell you. Why? I don't don't know. We didn't even take them out of the box.

Bring your wallet is what they should tell you.

Anyway, everything went great and we went home, spent the day thinking about the future, and ended it with a shot in the belly. One vial of water, three vials of Bravelle and one vial of Menopur. A half inch needle was all it took and we took family planning to the next stage.

So today is New Years Day. Day Two.

A pretty normal day over all; We went shopping, Sherri came up with half a dozen home improvement projects she wants to start, and I am already starting to stress about school, work and the short ten months ahead. Today will end with another shot - One vial of water, two vials of Bravelle, and one vial of menopur.

If everything is successful then we will try to regularly update this site. We want to try to update everyday, but the chances of that happening are about as good as our chances of success. Maybe 70%. When Sherri posts she will probably be able to write more about the stuff the women want to read. And I, well, you see what you get.

We are going to take this one step at a time and try not to get ahead of ourselves. Our excitement will be hard to contain. Pray for us and remember, if we are successful, then we will be registering for two of everything.

Next up Day Three...


Kelly and Stephen W. said...

Congratulations! We will definately be keeping you and your soon to be enhanced family in our prayers. We bless you with peace and tranquility and joy throughout this wonderful season of parenthood. Enjoy each other and everything else (a word of warning - once the babies come there's not nearly as much time as you might think you will have). We love you and are so excited to hear the news.

Ted & Marie said...

We are so happy for you two. I will be looking forward to your daily updates. We were wondering how the rest of your vacation was going and when you would be heading home. Now we know with your hurried trip back. We pray that it will be successful quickly.

Ted & Diane said...

Congratulations on getting started, I know you both will do what's needed to be successful as possible. You know how to get in touch with us if needed. You are alway in our prayers know matter what. Love ya.