Monday, January 15, 2007

Day 16 - Our Second Embryo Report

Well, since I have been officially freaking out - I called the doctor's office this morning for another update. It turns out they would have called this afternoon anyway with an update, but I didn't know that. We have decided to definitely wait till day 5. Just waiting till then drastically increases our chances of success.

The good news is that the majority of the embryos are doing really well - and none died out from yesterday. We have nine 8-celled embies (they were 4-cell yesterday). Out of these nine, eight are grade 2 and one is grade 3. I'm pulling for the grade 3 because I figure he's a fighter. We also have one 6-celled grade 3 embryo and two that have stalled at 4-cells. This is really good news that so many of them made it to today and so many have already doubled. Today is the third day after retrieval, they should be 8-celled at this point -- so we have nine embryos on target.

I grabbed the above photo of an 8-cell embryo from Wickipedia.

So we just continue to pray and trust that come Wednesday the majority of these embryos will still be kicking.

In the meantime, I'm still recovering from Friday's procedure. I've been so completely bloated and sore for about a week now. I think I have probably gained 10 lbs and added 4-5 inches to my waist. Sweatpants have become a favorite items these days - so yesterday when I found a very cute pair of corduroy maternity pants at Old Navy for $6 I didn't hesitate to buy them. I'm in them now, and plan to stay that way - at least till the bloat dissipates. Which it actually has improved tremendously today.

We started new shots yesterday. Fun, fun. This time its progesterone in the butt muscle/fat. I think its honestly worse on Thomas because it looks much worse than it feels. However, I'm not sure I should really call this one until at least a week has passed. It never really is that bad until after 5-7 of them.


Kristen said...

I always felt worse for my DH than myself with the PIO. I hated getting the shots be he felt terrible about having to give them to me.

Tom and Sherri said...

Kristen - from what I read on your blog that you have an awful time with PIOs. I hope that doesn't start happening with myself.