Saturday, January 6, 2007

Is it Day 7 already?

I guess you can say its been a week. My ultrasound this morning was about what I expected - except lots more follicles. I had 29 follicles this morning - about 10 of those are not really big enough to mention though (around 5-8mm). Six of them were equal to or larger than 18mm, and about another 10-15 were around 14-16mm. I can feel them now, sordof like when you have a full bladder, but no urges to go to the bathroom. And walking can be annoying, but not really painful.

The doctor's office called right after we left the hospital here in town and said to keep going with the same dose of medicine. They didn't have my bloodwork yet, but would call tomorrow and possibly give us different instructions. And the doctor said we would "shoot for early next week" - the nurse wasn't sure what that meant though - if it would be for another ultrasound or for egg retrieval. Based on what we saw today, I guess its possible they could get close to 20 mature eggs.

Thomas and I are guessing (this is only a guess) that the egg retrieval will take place on Tuesday. But we should know more tomorrow. There is a shot that I have to take approximately 36 hours before egg retrieval - so we will know definitely at some point soon.

So today is pretty much the same thing. I had a shot this morning to prevent from ovulating. I'll have another shot tonight that will keep my eggs growing. And then another shot in the morning to keep from ovulating. And then I should receive another phone call.

I've been tired all morning, but now I'm going to go build some shelves for Thomas' schoolbooks. Its been raining for days - but has finally let up. More to come tomorrow.

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